Our vineyards are located in the south of Castilla La Mancha. This area is perfect environmental conditions. Spring and autumn short, together with irregularity of hot summers and cold winters that give our grapes a twist.

Galan de Membrilla – Bodegas Rezuelo along with 1,180 partners we offer more than 4,500 hectares of vineyards being varieties in order of extension: “airén”, “tempranillo”, “verdejo”, “macabeo”, “ cabernet sauvignon”, “syrah” “petit verdot” allocate along areas of Membrilla, Manzanares, Daimiel, Solana, Alhambra and Arenas of San Juan. Approximately 65 percent of our vineyards have a system of driving espaliers what allows us to absolute control over the collection of our grapes, as well as the follow-up to his maturation.

During the current campaign the cooperative has produced more than 40 million liters of wine, under the designations: D. O. La Mancha, Tierra de Castilla, varietal and table. Our expectations try to increase the development of various types of varietal wines, offering our customers a better product